5 things I’ve learned about Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for some time now and here are the 5 main things I’ve learned about this social media tool and how to use it to its fullest potential.

(1) Create a custom background and be sure to have your picture as your avatar. Though for businesses, non-profits or movements, a logo may be more appropriate, for your own personal account, it should be a picture of you. People want to know who they’re following and a picture of a flower doesn’t help them much.

Using a custom background and photo avatar also let people know that you are a legit human they’re following and not a computer spammer. Note when you’re creating a custom Twitter background, it should be 1255 x 555 pixels to fit most monitors (though you may have to play around with it) and your image sizes on the left and right should be 245 pixels and 250 pixels respectively (again, these are not exact and it does take some trial and error).

(2) Think back to Bambi – remember what Thumper’s mom said to him? “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is not to say that you can’t voice your opinions, but take care at what you say – think before you type. Once it’s out in the Twitter world, it’s out there forever.

(3) Retweeting is great, but remember, people follow you to hear what you have to say. Make sure you have original posts in there along with your RT’s (I try to stick to the rule of 3 originals for every RT).

(4) Follow those who follow you. By not following someone back, it’s saying that what you have to say is more important than what they have to say. NOTE: this rule should be taken with a grain of salt. You do not have to follow EVERYONE because, let’s face it, there are a lot of spammers out there and people who are just trying to sell you stuff. You don’t have to follow them unless you really want to, it’s your call.

(5) Try to keep your tweets to 120 characters. Yes, Twitter gives you 140, but 120 makes it so much easier for people to RT your tweets. I find this one to be a hard one to get used to, but I’m trying.

I hope these tips help a little. Twitter is something that is very easy to use, but a lot of people are afraid to use it because they don’t understand it. Play around a little. See what others are tweeting. Go ahead, give it a shot.

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