Why I’m a big Twitter fan

When people ask me why I like Twitter so much, I am sometimes lost for words. So, I decided to sit down and think it through. Why do I like Twitter so much? I came up with several reasons.

First, every social media network has its place. Yes, some are better than others and yes, there are a handful of well-known networks and countless other networks that few have heard of. Twitter is, fortunately, one of the well-know ones so at least when I say “I like Twitter”, most people have heard of it.

But why do I like it? Simple. That’s it. It’s simple. It’s short, easy ‘news’ bursts. I can easily scan through others’ Tweets, click on the ones I want to read and effortlessly skip the ones of no interest to me.

After talking to some of my friends and family who are not as into Twitter as I am, I found that many of them have a skewed vision of what Twitter actually is. Because of all the publicity that celebrities’ Twitter accounts get, people who aren’t a part of Twitter themselves think that all you do is follow celebs and your friends and in that, you’re informed of every time they brush their teeth or do their laundry. This is not what I (and I think most people) use Twitter for.

Of course I follow my friends and family, but as for celebrities, I tend to follow celebrities within the industry of social media like @chrisbrogan, @equalman, @mashable, @scottmonty, @dmscott, etc. By following these people and people like them, I can get updates from people who know the industry well and learn from them. I also like to follow news sources to keep up on my current events (something I struggled with in school).

I also recommend Twitter to companies (especially small ones and start-ups) to keep up-to-date on their business, customers and of course, your competitors. Remember, if they’re sharing it online, don’t feel bad about looking at it and learning from it, though I don’t recommend stealing it outright.

I find that with Twitter, and social media for that matter, people either like it or don’t. Those that use it and don’t like it are those that aren’t using it to its fullest potential. If you haven’t tried it, do. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and if you really don’t like it, you can always delete your account…but give it a fair shot first!

To see my tweets, click @albarce.

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