Tweets for Tots

The lights, the smells, the red Starbucks cups – the holiday season is here!

I’ve always loved giving gifts and putting extra thought into what I get for people.  This year has been a good year for me – I became an aunt for the first time, I started kickboxing, which has become a new favorite activity, and I landed my first real job.  Since I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to save a lot of what I’ve earned (by living at home – thanks Mom!), I’d like to give some back. However, I wanted to combine my love of gift giving with my passion for social media so here’s what I’m going to do:

  • For every CURRENT Twitter follower of @albarce who Tweets this post and adds this hashtag: #albarceToys, I’ll donate $0.25 to my donation fund (i.e. “Tweets for Tots: #albarceToys”).
  • For every NEW Twitter follower of @albarce who Tweets this post and adds this hashtag: #albarceToys2, I’ll donate $0.50 to my donation fund (i.e. “Tweets for Tots: #albarceToys2”).

I will add to this donation fund until it hits $100.00. Once I hit that point, I will use the $100.00 I set aside to buy toys for the Toys for Tots organization. I’ll go shopping for the toys (I really don’t mind the holiday shoppers!) and then take them to my local Toys for Tots drop off. I’ll keep you updated on how much I’ve racked up in my donation fund and I’ll be sure to upload pictures of the toys once I purchase them!

Also, I know I have some family and friends who do not have Twitter accounts (I still have to convert them!). So for those who want to take part but don’t have a Twitter account, I’ll donate $0.50 to the fund for every (legitimate) comment posted under this blog post. Please keep in mind the spirit of the fundraiser when you make your comment.

Thanks for your help with my donation. I think it will be a really fun project and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Facebook: Thanks so much to everyone who has shown their support by retweeting my post! I’ve had requests from many to open it up to Facebook as well, so here’s what you do: Share my post on Facebook and I’ll add $0.50 to my Toys for Tots collection!

Donation Update: $20 earned, $80 to go! Please help me help those in need! A few seconds of your time will help kids have a better Christmas this year!

Thanks again for helping me help those in need this holiday season!

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