I don’t have time for social media.

I heard this for the second time this past week and all I can say is…that’s garbage! Everyone has time and if social media takes up all of your time, you’re not doing it right. It sounds a little harsh, but it’s true.

Unless social media is your job, it shouldn’t take up all of your time. Yes, when you first start it might take you awhile to navigate around some social media platforms, but for the most part, social media platforms have been designed to be easy to use and maintain for the average user.

Along with easy-to-use platforms, developers have come up with many tools to help make social media even easier and quicker. And, remember that many of your social networks can be intertwined so that they can all be updated from one place.

Tweetdeck is one of my favorite tools. From here, you can update Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, MySpace, LinkedIn and Buzz. With simple clicks or hashmarks (i.e. #fb for Facebook) you can choose which sites to update. Tweekdeck also gives you the ability to manage more than one account in the same place. I use it to manage my personal account and my company’s account. Beware: As you may have read about in the news, a couple of people have accidentally posted under their company account name instead of their personal accounts and trouble has resulted. ALWAYS make sure you check what account you’re posting to before you click send!

The ability to post to more than one account and to manage them all in one spot is perfect for saving time. Another way to save time is to have a plan. By this, I don’t mean that you have to plan out every tweet weeks before you tweet it, but you should have a general social media plan in place that you follow. This will help you save time since you won’t be wasting time thinking about what topics to post about.

Last, though I have some mixed feelings about this, there are ways to post while you’re not even there! SocialOomph allows you to schedule tweets and update other social media platforms like Facebook and blogs. Unlike Tweetdeck, you may have to pay for some features on SocialOomph, but it does have a limited free option.

A little planning and use of tools can help you save time and allows everyone, even the busiest person on earth, to participate in social media.

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