Why Google+ is great for Facebook

It’s only in its BETA stage and I’m already a fan of Google+. Why? Because I see it as a real competitor to Facebook. And I truly believe that competition inspires innovation. Facebook’s announcement of video chat is not innovative in and of itself, but the UI of its group and video chat is sleek and easy-to-use.

People tend to get a little over excited (and upset) when Facebook makes changes to their interface but, in the end we all realize that they know what they’re doing. Take, for example, the Newsfeed; when this first came out, I remember seeing groups popping up all over protesting the Newsfeed. They said it was an invasion of privacy and made Facebook more “stalkerish”. Does anyone complain about the Newsfeed anymore? No. Granted Facebook has made several changes, making it easier for you to decide what shows in your feed, but really, how many of you go to a friend’s profile without initially seeing something from that person in your feed first? Not many.

I think Facebook was feeling a bit of the heat when Google+ came out last week and they felt they had to release their group and video chat in an “awesome” way. Though they may have failed to wow the critics, I think Google+ will only push them to go above and beyond what they had originally planned for this group chatting feature. It will be very interesting to see what both Facebook and Google+ will come out with in the next few months.

Read my post about Google+ here.


3 thoughts on “Why Google+ is great for Facebook

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