Weak sauce Google+, weak sauce

Monday of last week, Google rolled out their Google+ business pages to mixed results. Since Google+ debuted earlier this year, brands have anticipated the launch of business pages to promote their message through another social channel. I must admit, I myself was antsy to see what Google would do with these highly anticipated pages. I was quite underwhelmed.

First, the roll out was pretty weak.  The announcement seemed a bit haphazard and with all the buzz (no pun intended) about Google+ when it first came out, I expected a bit more for the business pages. Next, these pages seemed to launch with several issues. I’m not talking just ‘bugs’, I’m talking usability. Google+ should have taken a look at their competitors and noted what people like about them (i.e. multiple admin logins, vanity URLs, etc.)

From what I’ve read, and experienced myself, Goolge+ pages are confusing to create, look just like profiles and seem cumbersome. I’m sure Google+ will iron out all these issues within the next few weeks, but I’m still pretty disappointed in Google.

I say this because they should have had their act together before they launched the business pages. Perhaps I’m being too harsh. In the technology world, it is well known that a new product will have its fair share of bugs and improvements that need to be made. However, I feel that Google+ really blew it on this one. Granted, I’m a huge Facebook fan and I usually cut them a lot of slack, but that’s because I feel that they were really the first to bring social media to the masses. They were the first to create business pages so if they messed up, well, who did we have to compare them to? Google+ is not the first to create business pages so when they released them, they should have made sure they were top-of-the-line, show car quality.  I expected more from Google+ business pages and I hope that the developers at Google are taking this feedback to heart and improving their services and that the next product they launch will be as close to perfection as possible.

Until then, all I can say is, weak sauce Google+, weak sauce.

Update: It looks like Google is taking this feedback into consideration and hopefully we’ll be seeing some substantial changes to the Google+ business pages soon!

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