Is Google shooting itself in the foot with social search?

Personally, I was very excited when Google+ came out. I thought they could be a true competitor to Facebook. However, since they’ve started, Google has done nothing to keep my enthusiasm for their social network.

First, they failed miserably with brand pages. Brands wanted to get out there and promote the network, what did they do? They shut down those accounts and told brands to wait. Really? People are really anxious to try your product and promote it for you and you’re going to tell them no? Really?!

Then, they finally came out with brand pages and I was disappointed big time. Not only did they not deliver what they promised (something different than a normal G+ profile), they launched a product so lacking in features that I wondered why they launched it at all.

And now, they’ve launched “Search plus Your World” which basically force-feeds you their own social network and, in a way, punishes those who are not on Google+. Maybe this was their plan all along. A way to grow membership by making people join in order to keep their SEO. If so, shame on you Google. You should be impartial to products/brands (even your own) and show users the most relevant results. If this was not their plan, hopefully they quickly realize the error of their ways.

I wrote a post about how I thought Google+ would be good for Facebook and I was right. Just not how I thought. Through their recent faux pas, they’re making Facebook look like the good guy. Quite a feat Google, quite a feat.

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