Facebook Timeline for everybody!

Well, the day has come. Facebook timeline is here! And with this change comes the usual backlash anytime Facebook makes a significant change to their service. Though I find the comments humorous, I also find them much more annoying than any change Facebook makes.

Really, I’m most annoyed that people don’t pay attention. Facebook has been talking about this Timeline change for months. They gave you plenty of time to get on-board or to bail. If you weren’t a fan of the upcoming change, leave Facebook and join Google+ (though I have yet to find a compelling reason why anyone would do that).

I understand why people are frustrated – people don’t like change. I get that, I do. But no one liked the News Feed when it came out. Now, think about it, I mean really think about it: when you login on Facebook, do you not just scroll through your News Feed and interact with your friends or brands via the feed? Rarely do you actually click on someone’s profile unless you want to post on their wall. And if that’s the case, I have good news for you. In the new layout, it’s really not that hard to post on someone’s wall, it’s just a little lower on the page than it used to be.

Yes, Facebook is constantly changing its service and doesn’t really care if you like it or not. From what I’ve seen, most people who’ve adopted the Timeline early have liked it, gotten used to it, and seem to have no qualms with it whatsoever.

Though I feel the pain of being forced to change when you don’t want to, that’s life. And fortunately for you, this change is on Facebook and you have a choice: you can stay and get used to it like everyone else or you can quit (but I have a feeling you won’t…)

3 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline for everybody!

  1. This is extremely true! I embraced the timeline once it was introduced, I like change! People will sometimes say they are leaving because of the “forced change” to their profile. They will go kicking and screaming, but still they will be using it the next day.

    • Thanks Kevin. I’m so sick of seeing people complaining about Facebook ON Facebook, if you don’t like it, leave – you do have a choice 🙂

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