6 Ways to Handle Negative Reviews Online

It’s almost 2014, you can’t hide from social media. Whether your brand is there or not, your customers are there, and they’re very chatty. With all this chatter, there’s likely to be some talk that is not so nice, so what do you do? Here are six ways to handle negative reviews:

1) Address it. Don’t sweep it under the rug and act like it’s not there. “Oh give it a few days, no one will remember it” only works in print (sometimes). Online, reviews are there to stay for users to scroll through for years to come. If they see multiple bad reviews and no response from your company, they’re likely to think those reviews are true. Continue reading

Proper English Counts in Social Media Too!

In my family, it is common knowledge that the use of improper English means it’s fair game for everyone else to make fun of you. We don’t do it in a malicious way and, for the most part, we only make fun of each other (though sometimes we correct people when they’re on TV). However, I grew up in a family that stressed the importance of proper English when speaking and writing. Let’s face it, even if you’re extremely intelligent and well-educated, if you say “it don’t”, you’re not going to be taken as seriously as someone who says “it doesn’t”. Continue reading

5 things I’ve learned about Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for some time now and here are the 5 main things I’ve learned about this social media tool and how to use it to its fullest potential.

(1) Create a custom background and be sure to have your picture as your avatar. Though for businesses, non-profits or movements, a logo may be more appropriate, for your own personal account, it should be a picture of you. People want to know who they’re following and a picture of a flower doesn’t help them much. Continue reading