Starbucks and Digital: A Match Made in Heaven

Besides being one of my favorite customer brands, Starbucks is also one of my favorite social brands. Again and again, I see articles and posts talking about Starbucks’ social media campaigns. Why are they such a popular case study?

Because they get it right, pretty much every time.

Yes, even my favorite coffee brand slips now and then, but overall, they are a great example of how brands should do social, here’s why. Continue reading

5 Twitter Best Practices for the Optimal Account

Twitter is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, social media platform. I love the real time, fast-paced news feed that helps me learn about current events much faster than many of my peers and the news outlets.

I’ve pulled together a few best practices that I’ve learned from using the service. Some help with your follower count, some help with SEO, some are just pet peeves. Note that these just best practices, there are exceptions to each rule. Continue reading