Silos are hurting your brand: A look at why your social team needs to be befriend your legal team

Before I get into it, I realize it’s been a bit over a year since my last post. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I’ve been doing most of my posting on I’ve had several ideas for posts, but as everyone knows, life gets busy sometimes. However, reading about several social media crises recently prompted me to write this post, enjoy!

Why your company’s department silos are hurting your brand

Awhile back, I remember seeing an article about Apple suing a Polishing online grocer about allegedly using their brand identity to sell products. I had a conversation with my dad (a retired corporate lawyer) about how I thought this was absolutely ridiculous (who is going to confuse groceries with computers?). He then told me about the lawyer’s point of view – their job is to protect the brand at all costs. It made sense when I thought about it more and which made me decide that maybe their lawyers weren’t acting completely crazy. Then I heard about the Nutella ‘cease and desist’ letter to a fan and it made me think: in today’s social world, it’s more important than ever to have clear communication between your brand’s lawyers and your brand’s social team. Continue reading