5 Twitter Best Practices for the Optimal Account

Twitter is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, social media platform. I love the real time, fast-paced news feed that helps me learn about current events much faster than many of my peers and the news outlets.

I’ve pulled together a few best practices that I’ve learned from using the service. Some help with your follower count, some help with SEO, some are just pet peeves. Note that these just best practices, there are exceptions to each rule. Continue reading

I don’t have time for social media.

I heard this for the second time this past week and all I can say is…that’s garbage! Everyone has time and if social media takes up all of your time, you’re not doing it right. It sounds a little harsh, but it’s true.

Unless social media is your job, it shouldn’t take up all of your time. Yes, when you first start it might take you awhile to navigate around some social media platforms, but for the most part, social media platforms have been designed to be easy to use and maintain for the average user. Continue reading

Tweets for Tots

The lights, the smells, the red Starbucks cups – the holiday season is here!

I’ve always loved giving gifts and putting extra thought into what I get for people.  This year has been a good year for me – I became an aunt for the first time, I started kickboxing, which has become a new favorite activity, and I landed my first real job.  Since I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to save a lot of what I’ve earned (by living at home – thanks Mom!), I’d like to give some back. However, I wanted to combine my love of gift giving with my passion for social media so here’s what I’m going to do: Continue reading

How social media has changed primary research

Think about it. How was primary research conducted 5, 10 years ago? Surveys through the mail, in person, on the phone, focus groups, forums, interviews, observation, etc. Yes, primary research is still conducted through these means, however, social media has definitely made it much easier to gather primary data AND it has made it much easier to gather more than ever before. Continue reading

5 things I’ve learned about Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for some time now and here are the 5 main things I’ve learned about this social media tool and how to use it to its fullest potential.

(1) Create a custom background and be sure to have your picture as your avatar. Though for businesses, non-profits or movements, a logo may be more appropriate, for your own personal account, it should be a picture of you. People want to know who they’re following and a picture of a flower doesn’t help them much. Continue reading